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Each Organization will likely have different expectations of how to best leverage the use of the Baldrige Criteria. Powerful Potential is pleased to offer a variety of Baldrige Services as listed below. We will be happy to discuss with you, how you can best leverage the Baldrige Criteria and any one or more of these services:

  • Executive Briefings on the Baldridge Criteria and Award Process
  • Facilitation of Self – Assessments with Leadership Team
  • Work with sub-teams to assess individual criteria
  • Fact finding meetings with employees
  • Provide written Feedback and Scoring Report
  • Facilitation to prioritize top 3 – 5 Opportunities for Improvement
  • Development of Action Plans, with Leadership Team, to establish goals and actions needed to address Opportunities for Improvement
  • Work with Leadership Team to implement Improvement Plans
  • (i.e. Process Improvement Initiatives, Implementation of Measurements, and Additional Improvement Initiatives)
  • Provide Benchmarking information from Best in Class Companies, to assist in goal setting, action planning, and results attainment
  • Writing of the Baldrige Award Application
  • Provide training and assistance in preparing for a Site Visit
  • Assessment of the Feedback Report from the Baldrige Examiners
  • Facilitate the use of the Feedback Report to plan for Organizational Improvement for the following year

Baldrige Award winning companies have consistently outperformed the Standard and Poors stock index by a ratio of 4.5 to 1. EFQM Award winners have shown similar results. Baldrige winners include companies from all business sectors such as AT&T, Boeing Airlift, Cadillac Motors, Corning Telecommunications, Eastman Chemicals, and Federal Express. EFQM winners include Milliken Europe, Rank Xerox, and Nokia. Your company can also take advantage of the Baldrige or EFQM Criteria by using them for conducting a self-assessment. The assessment can be conducted for your organization as a whole, or for divisions, or even for individual departments.  

The assessment process begins with an Executive Briefing meeting with the Leadership team of the company, division, or department, as appropriate. The team will be briefed on the Baldrige Criteria, and the self- assessment process. The Leadership/Assessment team meets to discuss the Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement for their Organization for each of the Baldrige or EFQM Criteria: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer and Market Focus, Information Use and analysis, Human Resource Focus, Process Management, and Business Results. One to three areas for improvement are selected, and then an Action Plan is developed for each one.

These Baldrige/EFQM - based initiatives are then communicated to all parts of the Organization that are impacted by them. The Leadership Team then implements the initiatives, monitors progress through monthly team meetings, and communicates it to the Organization. The assessment process does not take a lot of time, yet produces very meaningful results. The Organization also has the option of doing a more in depth analysis by involving people in addition to the Leadership Team in the process. The self – assessment may also spur a desire to apply for the Baldrige Award sometime in the future.

Can a Baldrige or EFQM self-assessment provide value for your Organization?

  • If you want a process that will allow you to compare your Organization to National Standards…
  • If you want to pinpoint your focus on key Opportunities for Improvement…
  • If you aspire to be the “Best in your Business”…

Then Baldrige or EFQM might be right for you! We can also help you to write your Baldrige Award application.

Bob Stearns, CEO of Powerful Potential, and a former Senior Baldrige Examiner led Medrad Inc. to the finals of the Baldrige Award in 1999 and 2000.

Benchmarking of Best in Class Organizations

Powerful Potential can arrange benchmarking visits for your Organization to learn about best practices in your business. Benchmarking is a valuable way for you to improve processes, to compare and improve your business result, and to expand your Organization’s knowledge base. We’ll do all of the work, you do all of the learning, have all of the fun, and reap the benefits.

Bob Stearns, CEO (724) 933-3935

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