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Leadership System Assessment and Development

An Organization’s Leadership system consists of the formal recognized leaders such as Senior Management, as well as middle managers, employee teams, the Board of Directors, and other groups that lead or influence parts of the Organization. This assessment provides insight into the alignment of your Organization’s Leadership system by evaluating many factors including:

  • How senior leaders set, communicate, and deploy organizational values, and performance expectations, balanced with customers and other stakeholders requirements
  • How the organization’s leadership system establishes and reinforces an environment for empowerment and innovation, and encourage organizational and employee learning
  • How organizational leaders review organizational performance and capabilities to assess organizational health, competitive performance, and progress relative to performance goals
  • How organizational leaders translate organizational performance review findings into priorities for improvement and opportunities for innovation

Assessment results are then prioritized, key areas for improvement are identified, and action plans are put into effect. This Leadership System Assessment will have a profoundly positive impact on improving your Leadership System, and your individual leaders.

Leadership Skills and Competency Development

Powerful Potential offers customized Leadership training for all levels of the Organization based on either the results of the Leadership System Assessment, or the results of a Leadership Competency Needs Assessment, which is conducted with your Organization. We also offer several standardized leadership training courses that have been successfully implemented with many organizations. Two of these courses include “The Magic of Management” which is designed for managers with 0 – 3 years of experience, and “Inspiring Extraordinary Performance” which is customized to meet the needs of middle to senior level managers.

Mentoring and Coaching for Enlightened Leaders

Powerful Potential takes a holistic approach to Leadership Development. To further reinforce Leadership learning, we will work with your Organization’s leaders, at all levels, as a Leadership Mentor or Coach. This valuable service can augment internal company mentoring, or can fill in spots where there is not an in-company mentor available. The mentor/coach can meet with an individual Leader, on a regularly scheduled basis (typically bi-weekly or monthly) to work on specific Leadership skills, and to discuss and provide advice on current issues and situations. The mentor/coach can work with a group of leaders who are working on a common project or objective, to provide advice, and to facilitate teamwork between the leaders.

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